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DREAM ENTERPRISES - Program to Independence

Program Description

  • The “Dream Enterprises” program provides community based training to CVRC consumers 22 yrs old or older. Promoting skill building, socialization and independence through the use of community based instruction and practical life experience.
  • Goals will be determined by the client according
    to their interests and strengths and participation will be monitored daily. After a goal is determined clients will be assigned a “TEAM” of coaches and other clients with similar interests. Monthly activities are then decided and a calendar for the month is generated.
  • Goals will be reviewed on a yearly basis or sooner if needed. Clients are assigned to a TEAM for three month periods and are given the option of changing TEAMS at the end of the 3 months.
  • Skills will be taught in the setting in which they naturally occur; Dream Enterprises is a mobile community based program which Includes:
    community at large, health clubs, library, nonprofits, local businesses, cooking, gardening, restaurants, parks, recreation, dance, music, crafts, sports, as well as developing microenterprises that will be consumer operated.
    Volunteerism and social skills training is a large part of our day to day program.
  • Program hours are from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
    Monday – Friday with a ratio of 1:4 & 1:3
    Transportation is provided through door to door
    CLC routes or parent vouchers

This program is funded by Central Valley Regional Center.

Consumer Learning Goals, Expectations and Activities

Career Planning
Job sites paid and volunteer

  • Identify strengths and dream career
  • Explore qualifications and reality of job
  • Learn how to follow directions and communicate needs
  • Learn how to get along with co-workers
  • Learn time management and following a schedule
  • Learn weaknesses and how to make accommodations
  • Increase communication skills & ability to express self, learn how to request help.

Daily living tasks

  • Learn nutritional guidelines, meal preparation, use of appliances
  • Shop for & plan meals, budgeting, safety
  • Learn dining etiquette & table manners
  • Kitchen clean-up and food storage
  • Improve physical & emotional health, personal hygiene
  • Proper use of a washer and dryer
  • How to make simple home repairs
  • How to access community resources for home emergency (calling 911) Learn basic first aid
  • Understanding of when one should go to the doctor/ dentist
  • Learn time management & accommodations if unable to tell time (digital or talking
    watch etc.)

Community Resources

  • Learn what social events are available and how to access them
  • Learn how to use the news paper to find theater or church times
  • Learn how to access community services
  • Learn how to be safe at night and in strange
  • Learn how to solve problems, who/where to go to for help
  • Learn to use the newspaper or phone book to find information
  • Develop computer skills and ability to use the Internet to locate resources/services
  • Training in how to keep and locate personal
  • Develop advocacy skills and selfdetermination
  • Increase ability to access community resources


  • Destination training, experience using
  • different modes of transportation independently
  • Learn safety skills for walking, bike riding, crossing the street, unfamiliar destinations, strangers

Money Management

  • Understands value of money
  • Distinguish personal needs vs. wants.
    Learn the banking process, credit use, banking safety, ATM’s, checking, etc.
  • How to budget/save money
  • When and how to pay bills
  • Learn how to make purchases and get change, look for sales and discount items

Personal Hygiene/Health

  • Understands and can manage good hygiene
  • Understands ways to stay healthy & avoid illness
  • Cares for minor illness
  • Medication management
  • Coping with stress, depression, anger, Mental
    Health issues

Personal Development/Self determination

  • Self esteem issues
  • Understands strengths and needs
  • Social Skills Training
  • Character skills
  • Understands anger, dishonesty, etc.
  • Communication skills, self-expression
  • Use of phone and other technology
  • Develop conflict resolution strategies, anger
    management techniques
  • Developing skills for healthy relationships/ friendships
  • Explore leisure activities
  • Learns how to make informed decisions
  • Understands peer pressure and how to say “no”

ARTS & Crafts
Independent Living

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