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827 W. 20th Street
Open Mondays—Fridays
9:00 am—12:00 pm
(209) 384-0119

About Us

CHALLENGED in collaboration with MCOE and local school districts is proud to present our new
Parent Education Center.

FRC staff is onsite to support parents and assist with technology and information.

Partnerships between families and professionals are important. What we can do together is greater than what any one of us can do alone.

The center is available for parent & teacher use:
  • Computers for developing materials and researching information
  • Copying and laminating materials
  • IEP Support
  • Software
  • Teaching Materials
  • Books & Toys
  • Workshops
  • Meeting room
  • Support group

Executive Director
Jodi Frade

Parent Support Coordinator
Lydia Lozano

Program Director
Linda Collins
Finance Manager
Miguel Perez

CFRC Board Members

Rich Kleitman

Mike Pellicano

Board Member
Robin Snead
Board Member
Dewayne Young

Board Member
Janet Singson

Board Member
Donna Nichols

Board Member
Lyalla Dias
Board Member
Gayle Sagin
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